Reduce HAI Transmissions with the HyTouch Hand Hygiene System

HyTouch Hand Hygiene System


  • The HyTouch Hand Hygiene System was created to prevent spread of infection through ease of use and intuitive operation.
  • HyTouch employs behavioral design to increase the frequency of hand sanitizing and hand hygiene compliance
  • Employing HyTouch on high traffic doors produces dramatic increase in hand sanitization rates
  • Simple design permits quick and easy installation
  • HyTouch is an important tool in helping busy healthcare professionals achieve hand hygiene compliance without disrupting their normal workflow
  • Large view window makes maintenance easy
  • The HyTouch handle is constructed with high impact aluminum

HyTouch INSTANT HAND SANITIZER with Moisturizer

Kills 99.99% of most common germs

62% alcohol-based formula contains rich emollients with Vitamin E and Aloe to condition and moisturize skin

Gentle soothing broad spectrum sanitizer leaves hands smelling fresh & clean

Cartridge designed for operational efficiency–refill takes only seconds

Over 400 doses per 408mL refill sleeve