NEW PRODUCT – Clorox Healthcare® Fuzion™ Cleaner Disinfectant

Next-Generation Bleach

Now you can use bleach in more places than ever before. Clorox Healthcare® Fuzion combines the trusted efficacy of bleach with excellent surface compatibility and low odor. Fuzion uses a revolutionary technology that delivers fast kill times with a neutralizer that breaks down the bleach to minimize residue and odor.

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Kills 36 Microorganisms in 2 Minutes or Less

  • Two-minute kill time on C. difficile spores
  • One-minute kill time on viruses, bacteria (including TB) and fungi

Easy on Surfaces

Fuzion uses a revolutionary technology to eliminate the chemical reaction that can damage surfaces and leave a residue. The solution contains sodium hypochlorite and a neutralizer that, when combined, form hypochlorous acid.

Over a period of 4-5 minutes after spraying on a surface, the neutralizer breaks down the bleach solution so that only water and a small amount of salt remain. The result is a highly effective disinfectant with broad surface compatibility and little to no residue.

Easy to Use

Get the job done in less time with more complete coverage and less trigger fatigue. Fuzion uses a new trigger technology that delivers:

  • Even surface coverage for ease of use
  • Cover twice as much area with each spray
  • Less force needed to activate the trigger
  • 60% larger average droplet size reduces misting
  • Clings to vertical surfaces with minimal dripping

† Compared with traditional swirl nozzle

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