VIDEO – Hyscent – Innovative Fragrance Technology Air Freshener System

HYscent enhances the environmental experience by providing innovative dispensing technology with their innovative commercial scent machines, delivering the highest quality fragrances; for every business, for every person, for EVERYDAY. For commercial scenting systems, choose HYscent.

HYscent Solo Functions from HYscent on Vimeo.

HYscent – Dual Functions from HYscent on Vimeo.

HYscent InVent from HYscent on Vimeo.


It is about purity. We are passionate about providing the highest quality fragrances made from the purest essential and fragrance oils that are eco happy and healthy.

HYscent refill cartridges are made in the USAusing APAT (Advanced Polymer Absorption Technology). Proprietary manufacturing techniques ensure the highest quality and consistency.

HYscent – Introduction to fragrancing from HYscent on Vimeo.


Through modern ingenuity, HYscent offers the most stylish and efficient fragrance commercial scent diffusers on the market. It is our priority to provide superior fragrances for everyone’s comfort and continuous pleasure. Our fragrances are formulated with ‘Ordoraxe’ a commercial grade odor control.  This unique malodor counteractant is present in all our commercial scenting systems.

HYscent – Odoraxe from HYscent on Vimeo.

Choose Hyscent for all your air freshener, odor control and deodorant needs.