HYscent – Natural Commercial Air Freshening & Commercial Scent Machines

HYscent enhances the environmental experience by providing innovative dispensing technology with their innovative commercial scent machines, delivering the highest quality fragrances; for every business, for every person, for EVERYDAY. For commercial scenting systems, choose HYscent. Made in America.

HYscent Dual

Because of the environmentally friendly dry refill, the Dual can be used anywhere. Mount the Dual on any wall or show it off in a more personal setting (reception desk, shelving unit, window ledge) by using the desktop stand. When set to Dual fan operation, a space of up to 600 sq. ft. can be fragranced. The installation and placement of the Dual are paramount to achieving maximum coverage.

HYscent Solo

Do you want a discreet, effective and stylish commercial air freshener? This is the best commercial scent machine on the market for use in small spaces.

A fragrance powerhouse capable of scenting up to 220 square feet, the Solo incorporates technology that maximizes efficiency and air flow dynamics. The scents are long lasting between 45 and 60 days (on low setting mode)and the simple functionality ensures the Solo is easy to use. Fragrance delivery is constant, entirely natural and lacking harmful chemicals.

HYscent Stealth

The Stealth is your solution for large areas in: hotels; offices; condominiums; hospitals; nursing homes; long-term care facilities; locker rooms; large stadium restrooms and trash compactor rooms… In fact, it is your solution for any large space you can think of!

HYscent Invent

Introducing a solution for those difficult areas: high ceilings, corridors and extra large spaces

Go green and keep it simple with the HYscent InVent, an odor control device that works with your existing HVAC airflow. Just clip the InVent into a ceiling vent in the space you’d like to fragrance to generate airflow through the unit. In minutes, notice the pleasing aroma of one of HYscent’s original fragrances. The sleek and aesthetically appealing design creates a virtually seamless appearance.

HYscent Pod

The HYscent Pod’s four-quadrant vent holes ensure that the device achieves an optimal 360 degree fragrance dispersion. Without the use of aerosols, solvents or batteries, the HYscent Pod is one of the greenest – and most effective devices on the market. From the office cubicle to hotel guest rooms, the Pod is the ecological answer to fragrancing any personal area.

HYscent Refills

Hyscent Fragrance Cartridges

HYscent fragrance refills are made from pure essential oils and a propierty polymer blend ideal for fragrance housing. The refills release a dry vapor absent of propellants, petroleum distillates and harmful solvents. The essential oils migrate to the surface of the refill and are then dispersed into the area to be fragranced via the specially designed centrifugal fans.


All HYscent refills contain Odoraxe™, a Malodor Technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors, actually neutralizing malodors rather than simply “masking” them. Odoraxe™ is effective against malodors such as tobacco smoke, bathroom smells, body malodor, pet, mildew, kitchen and cooking smells. Even when you can no longer smell the fragrance Odoraxe™ continues to be effective and counteract malodors.

Choose Hyscent for all your air freshener, odor control and deodorant needs.