Empire Cleaning Supply Hosting RESTORATION 2.0 L.A.- Mindset And Framework Seminar- Aug. 15, 2018

The Claim Clinic

EMPIRE CLEANING SUPPLY will be hosting The Claim Clinic’s RESTORATION 2.0 L.A.- Mindset And Framework Seminar

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Learn how to transform your restoration business into a market leader.

The RESTORATION2.0 Movement exists to accelerate the Restoration industry’s transition to a customer-centric service model.
There are six things that EVERY restoration contractor will need to do or become in order to survive into the next phase of our industry.
  1. Reduce internal costs and reduce debt
  2. Right-size capacity and partner/plan for surge events
  3. Become a customer-centric solution/sales machine using social proof
  4. Fanatical FNOL
  5. Diversify revenue streams
  6. Agility and Flexibility through a flat org structure

In order to survive, the disaster response/repair contractor of the future will need some slightly different tools than they have today.

  • More Profitable
  • Flexibility – dynamic business environment and changing models
  • Highly Automated/Efficient
  • Systems, SOP’s, AI/AR
  • Vastly lower overhead/assets
  • Scale-ability
  • More Connected/Interdependent
  • Permission to Break Tradition
  • Knowledge that they aren’t alone.
Running the restoration company of the future will require higher profits than the average “program” vendor gets these days.  It’s no secret that “insurance” pricing has been stagnant for the past fifteen years.  Has anyone’s costs gone down in that time?
Combined with layer upon layer of TPA red-tape and “guidelines”, modern restoration folks have been forced to strip down their businesses past the point of profitability.
This class will address these challenges and give you some of the tools you will need to become the restoration contractor of the future: RESTORATION2.0
If you are interested in attending, visit the Eventbrite link for more information and to purchase tickets.



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