Autumn is the new spring when it comes to cleaning. The autumn spruce-up provides a serious scrubbing and gets work spaces ready for the winter months ahead. Now is the time to clean those oft neglected areas that took a beating during the summer months. Here are some of the things you can do to prepare for the changing of the seasons:

This means cleaning windows. Also vacuum dusty canvas, cotton and treated fabric blinds. Clean dirty window treatments. Then, go for the walls and give them a thorough cleaning. Clean ceiling-mounted light fixtures. Vacuum and spot-clean upholstered furniture and cushions. Deep clean counters, desks, office equipment and computers.

Go for the break room and wipe down the counter and any cupboards. Dust off the refrigerator condenser coil.

Give carpets a deeper clean with steam and/or HEPA filters. Strip and reseal vinyl flooring. Steam tiles, grout and wet areas. Evaluate and handle any wood floors.

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Clean air ducts to remove dust, grime and allergens that have built up during the summer. Replace air conditioning and furnace filters.

Hit the outdoors and check and clean the gutters. Clean any outdoor areas and furniture.

Not only does autumn cleaning spruce up your spaces but it helps take better care of your staff. Cut down on the amount of sick leave in the coming months by maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

So, yes! Your business does need a good autumn cleaning!