A Green Revolution in Trash Can Liners


A Greener – Stronger – Lower Cost Liner

Revolution Bag’s unique process produces can liners made from the highest-quality post-consumer recycled resin. These can liners exceed environmentally preferred requirements without costing more.

Green, Sustainability…

Regardless of your green goals, Revolution Bag will make an impact

  • Revolution Bag uses closed-loop post-consumer recycled content resin (PCR)
  • The resin used for making Revolution Bag liners is certified 100% PCR content
  • Revolution Bag can liners average 70% PCR resin
  • All stock liners and blends are ECOLOGO certified
  • Exceed EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines by at least 300%!
  • Meet and exceed the requirements of the USGBC LEED® Rating Systems
Revolution Bag’s unique formulas and processes allow them to create stronger right-sized bags to further contribute to source reduction

Strength. Dependability. Versatility.

Revolution Bag uses a closed-loop recycling process in which agricultural films are gathered from farms and washed and recycled to produce PCRpro, a high-quality resin. That resin is the foundation for their can liners, which exceed environmentally preferred requirements without costing more.

Less Plastic. Stronger Bag. More Savings


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