2017 End of Year Empire Equipment Avalanche

Empire has launched an avalanche of savings on Clarke equipment before the end of the year. With excellence in mind, Empire has stood behind Clarke equipment as we know what benefits it provides to our customers. Clarke has been in the business of manufacturing rugged floor maintenance equipment since 1916 for commercial, industrial, retail, education, hospitality and do-it-yourself markets. To this day, they have remained a leader in industry innovation that has focused on performance, reliability and user ergonomics.

We have found that Clarke, with its reputation for reliable products at an affordable price, offers more products, technical expertise and a greater breadth of knowledge than most other companies in the field. With the help of our Clarke representative, Brian Burgess, Empire is able to pass on that knowledge to our customers in order to provide the best industry practice available for every cleaning application.

Working as partners, Empire and Clarke are dedicated to helping our customers strive for excellence. In celebration of the holidays, Empire is currently offering 30% off on Clarke equipment. This includes anything from floor machines to burnishers to auto-scrubbers and more. Empire offers free product demonstrations of the various Clarke products as well as site and equipment surveys to ensure you are getting the exact right piece of equipment for your needs.

Take advantage of this avalanche of savings before the end of the year and equip yourself to provide better ways to clean your facilities and to make them inviting to employees, customers, clients or patrons.